Michigan Tech Spring Career Fair 2016

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Event: Michigan Tech Spring Career Fair 2016
Student Development Complex
Tuesday, February 16, 2016
12 - 5 PM
Pricing: Employer Registration Base Fee
Early Bird (through January 22, 2016):
  Standard (after January 22, 2016) $950.00

Base fee includes:

  • Four attending representatives *
  • Hospitality Suite (Co-sponsored by MTEC Smartzone)
  • One 6' x 3' display table (8' x 6' total booth space)
  • Electrical outlet
  • Your company information/description in the Career Fair Guidebook
  • After Hours Recruiter Reception

Upon submission of the registration form, changes to your registration information may be made until the guidebook publication deadline on January 22, 2016. Please submit your change request to Career Services at CareerFair@mtu.edu or contact us at (906) 487-2313.

More information about the Spring Career Fair 2016

* If your plans include more than four representatives, please purchase additional display space(s):
    5-8 representatives = 1 additional display space
  9-12 representatives = 2 additional display spaces
13-16 representatives = 3 additional display spaces

Company Information


Contact Information

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Registration Information

Your large equipment, such as cars, boats, snowmobiles, construction equipment, etc., may only be displayed outside the Career Fair venue by purchasing an outside display space.

If you wish to bring large equipment to display outside, please choose "Yes," and we will contact you with further instructions on how to select your space and the associated fees.

Do you wish to display large equipment?

If you checked yes, we will contact you to discuss the necessary details.

If you checked yes, we will contact you to discuss our interview scheduling process.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the Career Fair registration is acceptable with full refund until Friday, January 22, 2016. After that date, the registrant is responsible for full payment of the fees regardless of attendance.


Major Selection

YOUR SPECIAL ATTENTION! Please ensure these selections are an accurate reflection of the majors you're interested in hiring, as they will be published in our guidebook and on-line. The accuracy of this information ensures you visit with students who are a good fit for your needs.

Upon submission of the registration form, changes to your registration information may be made until the guidebook publication deadline on January 22, 2016. Please submit your change request to Career Services at CareerFair@mtu.edu or contact us at (906) 487-2313.

All Majors
(if you check this box, please disregard the checkboxes below)
Biology/Medical Related Programs
Biomedical Engineering (BS MS PhD) [EBE] Exercise Science (BS) [SESC]
Biological Sciences (BS MS PhD) [SBL] Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-Bio (BS) [SMBB]
Medical Laboratory Science (BS) [SML] Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (PhD) [IBMB]
Medical Informatics (MS) [TMIN] Clinical Laboratory Science (BS) [SCL]
Bioinformatics (BS) [SBI]    
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering (BS MS PhD) [EBE]    
Business/Economics Programs
Management Information Systems (BS) [BMIS] Economics (BS) [BEC]
Accounting (BS) [BACC] Marketing (BS) [BMKT]
Management (BS) [BMGT] Finance (BS) [BFIN]
Business Administration (MBA) [BMBA] Applied Natural Resource Economics (MS) [BNRE]
Engineering Management (BS) [BEM]    
Chemical/Related Programs
Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BS) [SCHP] Cheminformatics (BS) [SCHI]
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-Chem (BS) [SMBC] Chemistry (BS MS PhD) [SCH]
Chemical Engineering (BS MS PhD) [ECM]    
Civil/Related Programs
Civil Engineering (BS MS PhD) [ECE] Surveying Engineering (BS) [TSE]
Construction Management (BS) [TCMG]    
Computational/Related Programs
Data Science (MS) [IDS] Computer Systems Science (BS) [SCSY]
Computer Network & System Administration (BS) [TCSA] Computational Science Engineering (PhD) [EPD5]
Software Engineering (BS) [SSEN] Computer Science (BS MS PhD) [SCS]
Computer Engineering (BS MS PhD) [ECP]    
Ecology/Forestry Related Programs
Master of Forestry [FMF] Forest Science (PhD) [FFS]
Forest Ecology & Management (MS) [FFEM] Ecology, Applied and Environmental Sciences (BS) [FES]
Master of Geographic Information Science [FGIS] Wildlife Ecology & Management (BS) [FWEM]
Forestry (BS, MS) [FFR] Forest Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (MS PhD) [FMGB]
Ecology, Applied (MS) [FAE]    
Education Programs
Sports and Fitness Management (BS) [SSFM] Education, Applied Science (MS) [SASE]
Education, Secondary [BEC2]    
Electrical/Related Programs
Electrical Eng Tech (BS) [TEET] Electrical Engineering (BS MS PhD) [EEE]
Engineering/Materials Science Engineering/Related Programs
General Technology [TGN] Materials Science & Engineering (BS MS PhD) [EMSE]
Engineering, General (BS) [EGN] Engineering (PHD) [EPD]
Engineering Technology (AAS) [TAET] Master of Engineering (MEG) [EGR]
Engineering / Service System Engineering (BS) [EBS]    
Environmental/Related Programs
International Sustainable Development [CISE] Environmental Engineering Science (MS) [EENS]
Environmental & Energy Policy (PhD) [SEEP] Engineering-Environmental Engineering (PhD) [EPD2]
Environmental Engineering (BS MEG PhD) [EEN]    
Geological/Related Programs
Integrated Geospatial Technology (MS) [TGT] Geophysics (MS PhD) [EGP]
Geological Engineering (BS MS PhD) [EGE] Mining Engineering (MS PhD) [EMG]
Applied Geophysics (BS) [EAG] Geology (BS MS PhD) [EGL]
Math/Physics Programs
Physics (BA) [SPA] Geophysics (MS PhD) [EGP]
Physics (BS MS PhD) [SPH] Mathematical Sciences (MS PhD) [SMAG]
Atmospheric Sciences (PhD) [IAS] Statistics (BS) [SST]
Applied Geophysics (BS) [EAG] Physics, Applied (BS) [SAP]
Mathematics (BS) [SMA] Engineering Physics (PhD) [SPE]
Mechanical/Related Programs
Biomedical Engineering (BS MS PhD) [EBE] Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS) [TMET]
Engineering Mechanics (MS) [EEM] Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (PhD) [MEEM]
Mechanical Engineering (BS MS) [EME]    
Media Production/Communication Programs
Rhetoric, Theory and Culture (MS)(PhD) [SRTC] Theatre & Entertain Tech (BA) [SFTT]
Sound Design (BA) [SFSD] Scientific & Tech Comm (BA) [STA]
English (BA) [SEN] Audio Production & Technology (BS) [SFAT]
Theatre & EntertainTech (BS) [SFET] Theatre & Electronic Media Performance (BA) [SEMP]
Scientific & Tech Comm (BS) [STC] Communication, Culture and Media (BA) [SCCM]
Social Science/Humanities/Learning Sciences Programs
History (BA) [SSH] Psychology (BS) [SPSY]
Industrial Heritage Archaeology (PhD) [SIHA] Humanities (ASC) [SAH]
Anthropology (BS) [SANT] General Sciences and Arts [SGSA]
Social Sciences (BS) [SSS] Liberal Arts (BA) [SHU]
Industrial Archaeology (MS) [SSM] Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors (MS PhD) [SACS]


Guide Book

(Companies registering after January 22, 2016 are not guaranteed inclusion in the Career Fair Guidebook).

Send digital artwork to CareerFair@mtu.edu by Friday, January 22, 2016. TIF files are the preferred format, PDF is also acceptable. All files should be 300 dpi. Email Career Services at CareerFair@mtu.edu for questions about other digital formats.

Please note: Company logos displayed in the standard guidebook submission denote our Career Services Partners only. For more information on the Career Services Partners program and the associated benefits, please see our Partners webpage or contact Jim Desrochers at jtdesroc@mtu.edu.


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